France: Angers Summer

CCIS Summer Study Abroad in Annecy or Chambéry, France

Program Overview

Since its foundation in 1909 ESSCA has drawn inspiration from the prestigious heritage of the French "Grandes Ecoles," the top graduate schools of management in France.  At the beginning of the 21st century ESSCA represents an innovative and forward-looking organization with 2000 French and international students on five different campuses, conscious of its tradition yet open to change and new ideas.  In September 2006 ESSCA opened a centre in the heart of the 21st century new business capital, Shanghai.

ESSCA's increasingly multinational faculty is committed to excellence and continuous improvement in both teaching and research.

Strong links with the corporate world have been built up over the years and ESSCA cooperates with over 2000 companies each year for a range of activities, such as consulting, executive education, market research and student internships.

The programme starts in Angers.  The first three weeks include intensive classes as well as cultural and business field visits.

Week 4 is the Brussels Seminar and Week 5 is Paris week.


Academic Profile

ESSCA in Angers

Weeks 1 to 3:  ANGERS.  The intensive programme of the first three weeks includes the following courses:

European Union Studies:  a multi-disciplinary overview of the historical development of the European community since the postwar period, an introduction to the comnplex institutional framework and the major actors of the current European Union

European Economics:  an introduction to the functioning of the European single market and major economic policies, a comparative analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the EU and individual member states.

Culture and Communication:  introduction to fundamental concepts of intercultural communication, skills and compentencies for efficient communication in a multinational environment, cross-cultural stereotypes, perception and cultural awareness, focus on French national culture: heritage, tradition and collective identity.

Classes are completed by subject-related field visits.

Week 4:  The Brussels Seminar.  The group travels to Brussels for a series of visits and meetings, including visit to the European Commission with several informational meetings, meeting with a member of the European Parliament, visit to the European Council, meeting with a representative from a lobbying agency or consultancy, meeting with a correspondent from international media, visit to the permanent representation of a member state or region, etc.

Week 5:  Paris week.  The Paris week is a debriefing week, during which students reflect on their experience and the acquired knowledge.  The week also includes wrap-up sessions which conclude the different courses outlined above, specially for the European Union studies part. 

The program ends with a Farewell Dinner in Paris on the evening of July 17.

Assessment is carried out in different forms at regular intervals throughout the program. 

Academic Highlights

Three weeks in Angers, one week in Brussels, and one week in Paris.  Lecture-related field visits to The Loire Valley, Normandy, Paris and Brussels.

6.0 semester hours of credit

European Union Studies  3.0

  European Economics, European Politics, and Brussels Report 

Culture and Communication  3.0

  Intercultural Communication and French Culture and heritage 

All materials are provided by the lecturers.


Activities and Opportunities

Student Life

The program offers a stimulating multicultural learning environment which develops cross-cultural skills through group work with a multinational body of professors and students.  Students are provided a first hand initiation into all the essential aspects of European business and its interactions with the United States and other important regions in the world. 


In Angers, students stay in a student residence (common kitchen, but individual rooms with bathroom.  For Brussels and Paris, students stay in 3 Star comfortable hotels on a double-room basis.

Alumni Feedback

Diane from the US:  "Over the past 5 weeks I have seen, tasted, studied, and lived the European Union and European culture.  I have benefited by the lectures of many various speakers, but, most of all, I have learned from confronting new ideas and challenges, and I have grown from these experiences due to the personal reflection they have caused."

Anne from the US:  "The 2004 ESSCA Summer Programme will go down in my personal history as one of the most enjoyable, challenging, eye-opening, tiring, and memorable experiences of my life.  This sounds like such a cliche . . . But ESSCA was wonderful and more than I could have even hoped for -- with a few deductions for no air-conditioning or ice cubes (just kidding!.)  Moreover, the other students from all over the world have reminded me that there is intellectual excitement about learning and debate and that there are different ways and views."

Dan from China:  "I was really happy with the structure of the whole programme.  Everything including lectures, field visits and accommodations is very well organized.  Helps are very easily approachable.  For me, this is one of the best programmes I have ever attended so far."


Angers Summer Program Details


June 8 - July 17, 2016

Application Deadline(s)

April 10, 2016

Financial Aid

Students check with their home institutions.

Eligibility Requirements

Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, 2.5 GPA




$4,084 (CCIS members)

$4,784 (non-members)

Truman requires a $350 deposit, deducted from total amount due, upon acceptance to the program, but does not have an application fee.

Costs Included

Housing, all breakfasts and lunches, local transport in Angers, Brussels and Paris, tuition, fees, insurance, CCIS fee, all field visits organized by ESSCA, access to PC, internet and library on campuses in Angers and Paris.

Costs Not Included

Estimated: Airfare ($1,600), meals which are not offered by the program and personal expenses ($1,000), visa, passport fees.

Entry Requirements

passport and visa required

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.

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Submit Application Materials To:

Program Sponsor:

Rosa Virginia Mendez, Study Abroad Advisor

Truman State University
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How do I apply?


Please send the following materials to or the address listed above by the application deadline.

1. CCIS Online Application & Instructions

2. CCIS Online Student Recommendation (2)

3. Official copy of transcript

4. Color copy of passport

5. ESSCA Application


To download the application and recommendation forms, click "save as" then save the form to your desktop or downloads. Once you have completed your form, you must SAVE IT FIRST. DO NOT CLICK "SUBMIT" until you have SAVED your form or the recipient will receive a BLANK form. Once you have saved it, click "submit" and THEN email your completed form as an attachment to  

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All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.