Italy: Tuscania Summer

Program Overview

Language of instruction: ENGLISH 

The Lorenzo de' Medici Tuscania Campus is located on the border of the Tuscany and Lazio regions of central Italy, south of Florence and not far from Rome, in the breathtaking countryside of the southern Maremma.  Tuscania is a very old town whose origins can be traced back to the Bronze Age.  Significant evidence of substantial human settlements dates back to the Etruscan period, as witnessed by the numerous necropolises in the area. Tuscania has been admired for centuries for its picturesque setting, dreamy landscapes, medieval walls, cobbled streets and fine culture and foods. Filmmakers such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Orson Welles and Franco Zeffirelli have chosen it for their films, while the town has inspired myriad artists, painters, photographers and writers. In the last few years Tuscania has also developed a reputation as a center for new forms of contemporary expression and modern art: its vivid cultural life is represented by an active calendar of festivals and exhibitions.

After 30 years of successful teaching experience in Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici, a private educational institution, has opened the new study center in Tuscania.  Classrooms and offices are located in an elegant and fortified building of great beauty, which is situated in the old town center near the medieval walls and just inside one of the main gates of the ancient town. Faculty in all fields of study are highly experienced and speak English and ALL COURSES ARE TAUGHT IN ENGLISH WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSES.

Highlights of LdM Tuscania:
  • Cultural Immersion: full integration into community, exposure to traditional small-town life
  • New kitchen facilities; site of LdM's Mediterranean Culinary Institute
  • Performing arts facilities, including a theatre
  • Music Performance and Italian Language Program
  • Ongoing, important archaeology projects
  • Diverse programming, especially strong history and archaeology programs



Academic Profile
Academic Profile

Lorenzo de' Medici The Italian International Institute in Tuscania

Tuscania Program and Curriculum
Academic Programs: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and two Summer Sessions (June & July).

The Lorenzo de' Medici Tuscania Campus offers courses to students from all over the world in Italian language, art, art history, archaeology, history, Italian culture, the culinary arts, and various other fields of study. No previous knowledge of Italian is required. The language of instruction is English, with the exception of the language classes. Classes are small, with strong emphasis placed on student-faculty interaction. Taking advantage of the local environment, many courses focus on the Etruscan civilization. 

A 2.75 GPA, official transcripts, one letter of recommendation, and a statement of purpose are necessary for admission to the program. In addition, students must be 18 years old.

The Tuscania Campus LdM program is based on a full immersion concept. Because of the town's small size and its geographic location, students live and study in a fully Italian and a more traditional small community-based environment. Integration in the community is fundamental to the program, encouraging students to create relationships in a cultural context.

Course Offerings

Students register for one or two 3-credit courses per Summer Session.

For a complete list of scheduled courses, please consult the following website:

Exclusively offered at LdM Tuscania, explore major features of Etruscan culture and the methodologies utilized in classical archaeology. Play a full role in the excavation of an Etruscan necropolis near Tuscania, currently in phase three of its exploration. Work under professional supervision and in collaboration with students from the University of Florence. By examining material evidence, so abundant in this region, you will learn about the lives of the ancient Etruscans from archaeological evidence and literary sources. Please "click" on the following link for further information:

Subject areas are listed below:

Art and Sciences

Creative Arts

Italian Language & Culture

Lorenzo de’ Medici is committed to helping students realize their potential, providing high quality education that will enable students to interact successfully with the community worldwide. - LdM Mission


Academic Profile
Activities and Opportunities

Student Life

Lorenzo de' Medici offers a free time program covering various activities involving the discovery of the different aspects of the historical and cultural heritage of the area.

These include guided visits such as:

  • Social activities (ex. Meeting with Italian students, attending local special events)
  • Theatre
  • Concerts
  • Museum Visits
  • Wine tasting & visiting vineyards
  • Walking lectures to particular sites of interest
  • Field trips & day excursions to places such as: Viterbo, Tarquinia and Vuleii, Bolsena Lake and Bisentina Island, Rome, Civita di Bagnoregio


Student Apartment

LdM is pleased to facilitate students in making their housing arrangements for a spot in a double bedroom in a shared student apartment. Most apartments have one to three bedrooms. A very limited number have only one bedroom, and some may have more than three bedrooms. 2 to 4 (or more) students generally share an apartment.

Apartment Description:
  • Apartments are furnished and equipped with: bed linens, basic pots and pans, kitchen utensils, washing machine and TV.
  • Towels are generally not-included in the apartment and we recommend students to bring their own set of towels to Italy with them. Students can bring a few towels (not many) and buy them in Italy.
  • The student shared apartments are usually suitable for minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 persons.
  • They are not all located in the same building, but within walking distance from the school facilities.
  • Although apartments are of the same standard and have similar facilities, no two apartments are alike.

*For housing arranged by LdM, the housing coordinator assigns roommates based on the completed housing profile.  Students can request to room with a student they already know as long as both students make that request.

Alumni Feedback

"I would recommend this program.  If it not the typical study abroad experience in a big city with lots of other American students and a bustling nightlife.  This program suits students who want to learn about Italian small town culture, meet Italians, improve their language skills, and eat incredible food without tons of tourist traps."
- Lianna Gomori

"You cannot buy a refrigerator magnet that says Tuscania. As a matter of fact, you will not find a tourist trap in Tuscania. You will find a small town surrounded by small towns. You are only a 90 minute train ride to Rome, or take the train to Florence and you will see all the sights that an American wants to see. But you will literally see sheep grazing outside the wall of the old city of Tuscania. It was safe to walk at night, the people are friendly. The Staff at LDM was most helpful on issues regarding field trips to Tuscany and other places (Tuscany is about 30 minutes away by car and I will never forget my day trip to a family vineyard). The teachers were first rate professionals; you will get homework. I took the cooking class and beginning Italian . I realized that I can cook, and I make fresh pasta now. I will never be fluent in Italian, but the locals were always helpful. I hope that you will order an espresso and sit with the locals on a hot Saturday night, and just feel that for that moment you are an Italian. Yes the food was great! Tuscania was a wonderful experience."
- Dennis Gaffigan

"The Tuscania program is fantastic for anyone who truly wants a taste of la vita Italiana. It is full of history and warm people ready to feed you, chat with you, and kiss you on both cheeks. The town may seem small, but I would get lost for hours exploring and finding new fountains and beautiful views hidden in corners. I've never enjoyed doing homework so much as when I was sitting in the park looking out at the old Romanesque countryside and reading Dante's poetry. I really loved Tuscania and my experience."
- Lianna Gomori


Program Details
Tuscania Summer Program Details


Summer Session I: May 31 - July 1, 2016

Summer Session II: July 7 - August 5, 2016

Application Deadline(s)

Summer Programs:
March 1 for Session I (June)
March 15 -Extended to April 1 for Session II (July)

For Summer Programs:
May 1 – Session I (June)
June 1 – Session II (July)

Eligibility Requirements

  • 2.75 GPA or higher
  • Official transcripts
  • 1 academic reference for Summer
  • Statement of purpose
  • Students must be at least 18 years of age
  • Minimum class standing - students must have completed at least one semester (minimum 12 semester credit hour) of college-level coursework at the time of application. 


English with the exception of the Italian language classes.


Students at CCIS Member Institutions:

4-week session (3 credits): $3,495

4-week session (combination of any two courses - 6 credits): $4,495

Tuscania Archaeology Field School

4-weeks session in July (6 credits): $6,075

Students at Non-CCIS Member Intuitions pay an additional $400 fee.

Students registering at the College of Staten Island as Visiting Students or at a School of Record may have to pay additional costs based on residency and matriculation status.  Please contact the College of Staten Island for more information.

Course offering, dates, and costs subject to change.

Costs Included

Tuition and administrative fees, housing (double room in shared student apaprtment), orientation in U.S. and Italy, sickness and accident insurance

Costs Not Included

Airfare ($1,100 approx.), books ($80 -$150 approx.), meals ($700 approx.), personal costs ($700 approx.), Art equipment & supplies ($85-$200 approx.), and school of record fee - Non CUNY/CCIS if applicable.  

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.

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How do I apply?

Start the CCIS Study Abroad application process by downloading the forms. To download, right click on the application or recommendation form and click "save as", then save the form to your desktop or downloads. Once you have completed your form, SAVE IT FIRST!!!! DO NOT CLICK "SUBMIT" until you have SAVED your form or the recipient will receive a BLANK form. Once you have saved it, click "submit" and THEN email your completed form as an attachment to the contact email address associated with the program in which you are applying. If for some reason you do not see the email address pop up when you click "submit", then email the application to the program sponsor listed here on this page.


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CCIS Online Application & Instructions

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Application Deadlines:
Summer Programs:

Session I(June)March 1
Session II(July)March 15

Please note:
Academic Level: Undergraduate
No previous knowledge of Italian is required.

Students from CCIS member institutions apply through home campus; students from non-member institutions apply through Broome Community College/SUNY or other appropriate CCIS member institutions.

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.