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Program Overview

Al Akhawayn University (AUI) is located in the beautiful resort community of Ifrane in the wooded Middle Atlas Mountains about 37 miles from Fez, a formerly rich imperial city and now a protected World Heritage site.  Ifrane, located in an area known for its beautiful forests, mountains, lakes, and streams, provides an excellent backdrop for both intellectual and physical pursuits.

Studying in Morocco is a fascinating way to have a non-traditional study abroad adventure and explore the wonders of this mixture of cultures. Moroccan cultural diversity is reflected through both the large number of spoken languages and the eclectic ancestry of Moroccan people that includes French, Spaniards, Arabs, Jews, and Berbers. The opportunities to experience this diversity by exploring ancient cities, beautiful beaches, and exquisite religious monuments are endless. Within easy reach are the great historic cities of Fez, Rabat, and Marrakech. Spain and all of Europe wait eight miles away, across the Strait of Gibraltar.

$500 scholarship available for Fall 2016 when you complete your application by March 1!


Academic Profile
Academic Profile

Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane

Al Akhawayn University (AUI) was founded in 1995 as a private university by King Hassan II of Morocco with contributing financial support from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. It is the first and only English language university in Morocco developed on the model of US higher education. Montana State University has had a partnership with AUI since its founding, and this unique and wonderful CCIS program offers one of the few opportunities U.S. students have to study in North Africa.

AUI is grounded in African, Arab, and Islamic culture and models its organizational structure, curriculum, language, and teaching methods on the American system of higher education. All classes are taught in English, allowing students interested in learning the Arabic language to simultaneously take courses in their field of study.

Course Offerings

Al Akhawayn offers unique Arabic Language and Culture programs for CCIS students interested in building expertise on the Arab world. All courses, except language study courses, are taught in English. Students can choose from courses in the following fields:

Accounting and Business Administration 
Computer Science 
European Studies
Foreign Language (Arabic, French, Spanish)
International Relations 
Islamic Studies
Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
Social Sciences (Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Pyschology, Sociology, Women's Studies)

To explore the courses, visit AUI's course catalog at

To see course offerings by semester, visit

Academic Highlights

The highlight of the academic program at Al Akhawayn is the opportunity to take in-depth Arabic language and culture courses at all levels, from beginning through advanced. Focusing on both spoken and written Modern Standard Arabic, the language program also includes a Moroccan Colloquial Arabic component that teaches basic polite words and phrases unique to Morocco. This course component is essential to help students integrate, adapt, and learn about North African culture through language.



Activities and Opportunities
Activities and Opportunities

Student Life

AUI offers a full array of student organizations from sports to concerts and cultural programs. Sporting equipment is available in the Student Activities Office and students also have access to sports facilities including a running track and Olympic size pool. There is a medical clinic on campus, as well as a library, student union, and bookstore.

Learn more about campus life at

Please Note: If you require disability accomodation please contact us right away.   


Students live in spacious, on-campus, gender segregated residence halls. The cost of room and board is included in the program fee, although there will be some additional fees paid directly to AUI. To learn more the acommodations on campus, visit

Alumni Feedback

"My time in Morocco helped to make Arabic a part of me and it was exciting to put my language skills to practice. Travel a lot, take advantage of nearby cities like Fez, a place full of exciting and challenging experiences." -Jeremy Fowler

"My favorite memories of Morocco were the wonderful people and friends I met, learning the ancient and beautiful language of Arabic, the cities of Chefchaouen and Fes and all their delights, and of course climbing Jebel Toubkal, a 4,000 meter peak in the Sahara Desert."-Jason Walker

"Expect hospitality, ancient tradition and architecture, and adventures from the Mediterranean to the Sahara." -Anna Lindstedt

"Morocco's overwhelming landcapes, the vivid marketplaces, the generosity and hospitality of the people make it a place one's always longing to return to."-Catherine Dratz

"I enjoyed the program that I was in so much that after graduation I got a job and moved back here to Morocco." -Kasey Adamek


Program Details
Ifrane, Morocco Semester Program Details


Fall 2016: August 23 - December 20, 2016

Spring 2017: January 11 -May 11, 2017

Application Deadline(s)

Fall 2016: March 15
Spring 2017: October 15

$500 scholarship available for Fall 2016 when you complete your application by March 1! 

$500 scholarship available for Spring 2017 when you complete your application by October 1! 

All application materials must be completed through the online application and/or received at Montana State University by these dates.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA and have sophomore status to be eligible for the program.


Fall 2016: $8,100 CCIS Member / $8,500 Non-CCIS Member

Spring 2017: $8,100 CCIS Member / $8,500 Non-CCIS Member

$500 scholarship available for Spring 2016 when you complete your application by October 1! 


Costs Included

Tuition and fees (up to 15 credits), room and board, airport pickup, orientation, CISI medical insurance, on-campus health center and the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). 

Costs Not Included

Airfare, books, and personal expenses

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.

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Start the CCIS Study Abroad application process by clicking the link above to proceed to the online application through Montana State University.

In addition to the online application, you will need to submit the following items:

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2 Academic Recommendations

More information can be found on the online application regarding the required material.  

*All MSU students must make an appointment with the MSU Office of International Programs before completing the application.

*Please note: If you require any disability accomodations please contact us right away.  

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.