Scotland: Stirling Semester

Program Overview

University of Stirling: 2009-2010 Scottish University of the Year - The Sunday Times

The College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) program at the University of Stirling provides a high quality academic overseas experience at a cost much lower than other program providers in Scotland.

Stirling City, is a beautiful and historic city that once was the ancient seat of the Scottish crown. Dominated by the famous Stirling Castle, the city boasts an attractive blend of modern shopping and leisure facilities and historic architecture. With convenient access to Scotland’s railway and bus systems, Glasgow and Edinburgh are within easy travel distance, as are Scotland’s major cities and the Scottish Highlands. 

The beautifully landscaped 310-acre campus is designed around a central loch (lake) and has been described by the Guardian as “some of the most beautiful campus scenery in the world.”  Students enjoy some of Scotland’s best sporting facilities, an on-campus-shopping precinct and cinema complex. It is no wonder that Stirling ranked 1st in the International Student Satisfaction Survey by the International Student Barometer. Come study abroad in Scotland; study at the University of Stirling!


Academic Profile

University of Stirling in Stirling

The University of Stirling was opened in 1967 on a brand new campus built on the estate of the 18th century Airthrey Castle. Currently approximately 11,500 students are enrolled, with 19% from overseas. The 2006 Times Higher Education Supplement ranked the University of Stirling in the top 10 in UK for the best student experience, whilst the International Student Barometer, 2007, voted Stirling 1st in the UK for a 'good place to be'.  In 2009, Stirling earned the distinction Scottish University of the Year, by The Sunday Times.

The University has some of the finest sports facilities on a single site in the country, including its own golf course and golf academy, a state-of-the-art fitness center and appropriate arenas for all the major indoor and outdoor sports.

Course Offerings

The academic term is similar to a U.S. semester schedule, which permits ease of credit transfer. CCIS students generally take three courses (modules) for 60 Stirling credits per semester which equates to 15 U.S. college credits. 

Study abroad students may choose from modules in the following schools:

School of Applied Social Science
School of Arts and Humanities
School of Education
School of Health Sciences
School of Natural Sciences
School of Sport
Stirling Management School

Please visit the on-line study abroad course catalog to view module descriptions and requirments.

CCIS students will receive a University of Stirling transcript and a U.S. grade and credit equivalency guide.

Academic Highlights

With 19% of its students coming from overseas and more than 85 nations represented on its campus, the University of Stirling is a truly international institution.  It consistently receives high ratings for teaching and research and has over thirty years experience of study abroad. 


Activities and Opportunities
Activities and Opportunities

Student Life

Students can pick from a variety of university accommodations, including on campus residence halls or chalets, or rooms in flats on or off campus, all of which are without board. There are approximately 2,300 residential places on campus and the centrally situated facilities encourage a strong community feel.

Students have much to occupy their time outside of the classroom. Student life takes many different shapes through student clubs, outstanding sport facilities, on campus stores, bars, cafes, and other social facilities. Modern computer labs with email/internet access are available to students at all times.

Student Services

The University of Stirling provides very comprehensive student services and student support.  Detailed pre-arrival information will be provided after being accepted into the study abroad program.  Students can make use of the optional Glasgow and Edinburgh airport pickup service and the onsite orientation program at the start of each semester. 

The International and Study Abroad Office provides information about a variety of tours (from half day to week-long) to attractive destinations all over Scotland, such as St. Andrews, Loch Lomond and the Isle of Skye.  These are organized by an on-campus travel agency and additional charges will apply. Advisors counsel students who have academic questions.  Many excellent services and amenities are available on campus including a four-floor library, 24/7 computer labs, laundry facilities, 50 meter swimming pool, state of the art fitness center, six indoor tennis courts, outdoor sports facilities, an arts center, shops, a post office, a movie theater, a travel agent and 70+ clubs and societies.


University accommodations are available on-campus within a short walk from all teaching facilities or off-campus in Stirling city which is readily accessed by regular bus services. The University of Stirling prioritizes housing for study abroad students who apply on time in single study bedrooms for the duration of their program. There is no guarantee that this housing will be on-campus. Most housing has Internet access in the rooms.

Alumni Feedback

"Studying abroad has been, and probably will remain, one of the best experiences of my college years. I made friends with people from around the world, sampled a variety of activities/foods that I don't have the opportunity of trying at home (anybody ever heard of haggis?), and learned the culture and lifestyle of another nation. It was truly an experience of a lifetime!"
- Devin N.

"Everybody who has the ability to study abroad should study abroad, it will change your life in more ways than you yourself ever thought possible."
- Elyse V.

"My time at Stirling U. was completely life changing. I have never been in a place so beautiful that every morning on my way to class my breath was taken away. It was an experience that I will never forget and never want to either!"
- Laura N.


Program Details
Stirling, Scotland Semester Program Details


Fall Term
Orientation: September 11, 2016
Semester Dates: September 12 - December 19, 2016
Spring Term
Orientation: January 15, 2017

Semester Dates: January 16 - June 2, 2017

(Note: Both Fall and Spring semesters include a 1-week mid-semester break)

Application Deadline(s)

Fall semester:            March 15
Spring semester:        October 1
Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Financial Aid

The British Universities Transatlantic Association (BUTEX)awards up to eight scholarships for North American students studying in the UK. The application deadline is May 31.

A College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) scholarship is available to students from member institutions. CCIS students should check with their study abroad advisor for applicable campus deadlines.

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale
Minimum of 15 college credits
Minimum age of 18


$8,900 per semester; Non-CCIS $9,300 per semester

*Fees are subject to change due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

Costs Included

Instructional costs abroad, fees, pre-departure and on-site orientation, sickness and accident insurance.

Costs Not Included

Airfare ($1,300 approx.), accommodations ($3,400 approx./per semester), Food ($1,500 approx./semester), personal expenses ($3,000 approx./semester), books ($250 approx./per semester), and optional airport pick-up ($40 approx.).

Entry Requirements

One semester (6 months or less without internship component) - Visa is generally not required: can enter UK as a student visitor

Full Year or with internship - Visa is required

For more information visit the UK Border Agency website.

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.

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Your Adventure in Scotland Begins Here

Submit Application Materials To:

Janice M. Thomas, Ph.D., Director

International Education Center
Brookdale Community College
765 Newman Springs Road
Lincroft, NJ 07738-1543
732-224-2980 (Fax)

How do I apply?

Submit the following documents to CCIS/Brookdale by October 1/March 15. Start the CCIS Study Abroad application process by downloading the forms.


  1. CCIS Application & Instructions
  2. Two references that attest to your ability to live and study in a new international environment.
  3. University of Stirling Instructions and Application (Send to CCIS/Brookdale)
  4. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended
  5. Statement of purpose for your proposed study abroad program and how it is related to your current academic program, your future goals and personal growth.
  6. Legible copy of the biographical page of your passport

You will need to choose your classes from the Stirling Study Abroad Catalog and refer to the Stirling Application Guide in order to complete the Stirling application.

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.