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Featuring CCIS Programs

IAU Aix-en-Provence Art, France Summer

Aix-en-Provence, France (Europe)

Quick Facts

Session A 
Dates:  June 2  - July 15 (6 or 9 credits)
Application Deadline:  April 1, 2018
6 credits: $5,320 CCIS Member | $6,292 Non-Member
9 credits: $6,242 CCIS Member | $7,392 Non-Member

Session B 
Dates:  June 2 - June 23 (3 credits)
Application Deadline:  April 1, 2018
Costs:  $3,531 CCIS Member | $3,731 Non-Member

Session C 
Dates:  June 23 - July 15 (3 credits)
Application Deadline:   April 1, 2018
Costs:  $3,531 CCIS Member | $3,731 Non-Member


Program Overview

The Studio Art Program in Aix-en Provence in south of France is offered at the Marchutz School of Art, located on the Tholonet Road, just outside Aix-en-Provence, near the Chateaunoir where Cézanne lived and worked. The Marchutz School, founded by German artist Léo Marchutz in 1971, is under the auspices of the Institute for American Universities. Provence is one of the most beautiful, varied regions of France, roughly bordered by Toulon to the east, Nómes to the west and Orange to the north. The Mediterranean is the natural boundary to the south.

The topography of Provence is marvelously diverse valleys, mountains, canyons, legendary beaches, and the salt marshes of the Camargue where horse breeding is still a thriving industry. The Marchutz School combines studio work, an intensive interdisciplinary art criticism seminar, liberal arts courses at the Aix Center, French language study, and excursions to European museums and cities, including Paris, Giverny, and Venice. Studio work informs the museum excursions, while the seminar discussions and museum study enhance the on-site painting sessions. An in-depth study of the locales that inspired masterworks by Van Gogh and Cezanne benefits every individual's own way of seeing. All of these activities interweave to give each artist a perception of his or her own contemporary work in relation to the art of the past -- an essential step toward self-discovery.


Contact Program Sponsor and Advisor

Truman State University
Rosa Virginia Mendez
Assistant Director

Questions? Contact me
Tel:(660) 785-4076

This program is sponsored and administered by Truman State University.

Academics & Program

Marchutz School of Drawing and Painting in Aix-en-Provence

The Marchutz School takes an interdisciplinary and holistic-approach to studio art. Painting and drawing, study in museums, and reading/writing assignments encourage students to explore the correspondences between natural and artistic forms. In the studio, figure drawing, portraiture, landscape and still-life painting are interrelated with copying, memory work, and sketchbook journals. Group and individual critiques are integral to the students' work.

In seminars, students are asked to seek connections in their work with that of other artists and critics. Music, poetry, and theater are often compared to painting, sculpture, or architecture. Studio disciplines and aesthetics are taught separately, but presented as a unified corpus. Studio, writing, history, and criticism combine to form one seminar in seeing. The faculty considers each student as a working artist regardless of his/her level of experience. Whether beginning or well advanced, the student who will thrive at The Marchutz School is serious and committed.

Course Offerings

Six Credit, Six Week Summer Term 

Required: Art Criticism and Aesthetics Required
Choose one: Painting and Drawing I (Foundation), Painting and Drawing II (Intermediate), Painting and Drawing III (Advanced)

Enroll in both Art Criticism & Aesthetics and Painting & Drawing, in addition to one course from either Session B or C.

Session B courses: Creative Writing and the Intercultural Experience, Sculpture
Session C: Photography, Environment and Community: Installation
Session B and C: Classes in French: Archaeology of Ancient Provence, Francophone Literature, Provence in Literature and Movies, French Language Classes: Beginning French I & II, Intermediate French I & II, Advanced French I & II; Session C: France Today Academic Highlights Candidates

The school's diverse student body is one of its most exciting resources. Each cohort usually consists of twenty individuals who have a varied range of experiences. Studio art and art history majors, working artists, MFA candidates, art minors, and other students with a real interest in art all bring their particular insights to a shared space and common themes. As students engage in artistic endeavors, their range of ages and achievements enriches the quality of dialogue and expands the capacity for growth. An individual's willingness to embrace this challenge of new exchange matters more than work already accomplished.

Credits: Six or nine credits
Instructor's Language: English

Student Life & Housing

Student Life

Aix-en-Provence is a major cultural center, hosting the International Music Festival: jazz, pop, classical, opera. Cinemas, restaurants, cafes, and discotheques, as well as a variety of sporting events, are available to students.


IAU expects students to live with French hosts, and almost all do. This firsthand experience with another culture is an integral part of the education abroad experience because it facilitates language acquisition and successful adaptation to France. Living in a carefully selected French home is an invaluable opportunity not found in many study abroad programs.

Naturally, all students must accept the constraints and responsibilities such arrangements entail. Students share daily continental breakfasts and six dinners per week with their hosts; they manage their own lunches and the one dinner per week not taken in the French home. Those IAU students who wish to live in independent lodgings for dietary or other reasons need to request permission to do so. They should be aware that short-term furnished rentals are in limited supply. Students are ultimately responsible for locating their own lodgings, arranging the terms of the rental, and handling all related issues.

Duration & Costs

Summer 2018

Session A: (6 or 9 credits) June 2 - July 15, 2018
Session B: (3 credits) June 2 - June 23, 2018
Session C: (3 credits) June 23 - July 15, 2018

Summer 2018

Session A (6 or 9 credits) :
6 credits: $5,320 CCIS Member | $6,292 Non-Member
9 credits: $6,242 CCIS Member | $7,392 Non-Member
Session B (3 credits) :  $3,531 CCIS Member | $3,731 Non-Member
Session C (3 credits) :  $3,531 CCIS Member | $3,731 Non-Member

Costs Included: Instructional costs and CISI health insurance

Costs Not Included: Estimated costs: airfare ($1,200), personal costs ($1,200), $200 enrollment fee, refundable damage deposit ($100), housing ($1,945), activity fee ($295), studio art fee ($335) for 6 credits and ($495) for 9 credits. If student enrolls in creative writing as a 3rd course, studio art fee is reduced to $335. Please note that these are fixed costs and a $1,000 deposit is required at the time of your acceptance, payable directly to the IAU College; this amount will be deducted from your housing fee.

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Contact the program sponsor to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program. 

Please refer to your acceptance materials for information on arrival, orientation, and academic calendar. The refund policy is program specific and non-transferable. Refer to your acceptance materials for the comprehensive refund policy or contact the program sponsor.

Eligibility & Deadlines

Application Deadline

Summer 2018

April 1

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum GPA: Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA
Minimum Class Standing: Students may have freshman through senior standing 

Have you talked with your study abroad advisor about your home institution's application process? Your institution's deadline might be earlier than the CCIS program application deadline. Check now to make sure all of your material is submitted on time!

Supplemental Application Material

Your CCIS application has two parts, 1) you will complete an online application form with general information and 2) each program may have supplemental forms that need to be completed and submitted via email. Please download the supplemental application materials to your computer.

Do not fill forms out in your web browser. Submit the completed supplemental application material directly to your study abroad advisor or to the program sponsor. Make sure to check with your study abroad office to learn how they want applications submitted.

Two academic references
Official copy of transcript
Color copy of passport
Course selection form (sent to student once CCIS application is received)

Request More Info Apply Now

Request More Info Apply Now

Alumni experiences

Adventures abroad

Bridget Butler

"Marchutz is a dream come true! I'm learning to paint in the shadow of C├ęzanne. The professors are amazing. They create a whole world for you to grow and thrive in artistically.

Kelly Painter

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to improve your soul as well as your outlook on life. CCIS is very helpful in all the details in the study abroad application process. The sponsors were personable and knowledgeable in dealing with me and my questions about study abroad."