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Featuring CCIS Programs

University of Newcastle, Australia

Callaghan, Australia (Australia & New Zealand)

Quick Facts

Fall 2023
Dates:  approx. July 10 – November 11, 2023
Application Deadline:  March 15
Costs: $8,456 - new lower cost!

Spring 2023
Dates: approx. February 13 - June 17, 2023
Application Deadline:  October 15

Costs: $8,456
 - new lower cost!

Apply Now

*A non-refundable deposit of $800 is due within two weeks of acceptance to the semester program. This deposit is applied towards the program cost and paid to the College of Staten Island. 

Please note that if you see dates or costs for a prior term above, that future terms will have similar dates and costs.  We will update info as soon as it becomes available.


Program Overview

The University of Newcastle (UON) combines a country setting with the advantages of city living. Situated on a breathtaking stretch of Australia's coastline north of Sydney, the port city of Newcastle boasts wonderful beaches, low cost of living, a favorable climate, and casual lifestyle. Established in 1965, the university has two campuses, Callaghan (the large campus) in Newcastle, and Central Coast Campus at Ourimbah (between Newcastle and Sydney).

Today, more than 26,000 students including 3,500 international students from 80 countries can choose from undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by eleven facilities. Both campuses have facilities to match their setting: well-stocked libraries, student clubs, shops, cafes, sports facilities, modern lecture halls, and laboratories. The University of Newcastle is a dynamic, research-intensive University ranked in Australia's top 10. The University has an international reputation for expertise in innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Besides that, The University of Newcastle is in the top 4 biomedical universities in New South Wales (Times Higher Education Supplement 2005).


Contact Program Sponsor and Advisor

College of Staten Island, CUNY
Stephen Ferst
Executive Director

Questions? Contact me
Tel:(718) 982-2100

This program is sponsored and administered by the College of Staten Island CUNY.

Academics & Program

The University of Newcastle in New South Wales

Newcastle offers many usual city advantages, such as restaurants, cafes, parks and gardens, theaters, art galleries, shopping centers, and nightclubs. Less than an hour away to the north is the impressive harbor of Port Stephens, a popular center for big game fishing, sailing, surfing, and sail boarding. The University of Newcastle at Callaghan boasts one of the best campuses in Australia. Its three hundred acres of natural brush land, complete with Australian wildlife at the city's edge, offers peace and quiet, the perfect prerequisite for successful study.

Course Offerings

A semester at the University of Newcastle runs fourteen weeks. Students are able to choose from the full range of courses in Architecture, Art and Design, Arts and Social Science, Economics and Music, Nursing and Science and Mathematics.

The Program Cost includes:  30 units = 3 courses = 12 US credits.
Students may take:  40 units = 4 courses = 16 US credits (at an extra cost above the program cost.)
Students should plan to take either 30 or 40 units total for the semester.       

All study abroad students must enroll for a minimum of 12 credits for the semester.

Major areas of study include Architecture, Building and Design, Arts, Business, Economics and Commerce, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Health Sciences, Physical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Nursing and Midwifery, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Politics, Tourism, Electrical Engineering, Environmental & Life Sciences, Computer Science, Drama, Fine Art and Psychology.

Course link

Academic Highlights

Newcastle is a young, dynamic university that provides an exceptional education. It is the perfect place to grow – academically, professionally and personally. The University of Newcastle is a progressive, comprehensive university with an international focus and a research reputation which is recognized globally. The University takes great pride in the quality of their teaching and research. Newcastle is particularly recognized for its strength in the professions, including medicine, engineering, teaching, architecture, law, psychology, nursing and health.

Click here for the - University of Newcastle Study Abroad Guide


Student Life & Housing

Student Life

The Student Union organizes many of the University's important social and cultural events. The Sports Union offers a variety of recreational activities, from hang-gliding, mountaineering, surfing, and snow skiing to archery, fencing, and the martial arts. Courses are available in sports such as scuba diving, golf and weight training.

The University boasts exceptional sporting facilities including a large multi-purpose sporting complex, featuring an indoor Olympic-standard swimming pool, a rock climbing wall, gymnasium and weight training room. Other sporting facilities at Callaghan campus include seven squash courts, a tennis complex, sports shop, five playing ovals, basketball, and volleyball courts. Wollatuka, the Aboriginal Studies Center, has several field trips, which are open to international students. Central to student life on campus is the University Union, which boasts more than 20,000 members. The Union organizes many of the University's important social and cultural events.


The University of Newcastle recognizes the importance of secure, affordable and comfortable accommodations and operates a range of free and confidential services to assist you in your search. The University offers four halls of residence at its Callaghan campus. All accomodations offer a range of social, cultural and sporting opportunities in an environment conducive to study and academic achievement. Students who choose to live off-campus may work through the International Student Support office to find accommodations.(see off-campus accomodations below) The Student Support office maintains an interactive database of current accommodations and will help you locate a house or unit. 

**Due to limited on-campus housing: students must consider both on-campus and off-campus options below.

On-Campus Accommodation: costs depend on housing choice and are paid directly to Newcastle. Students will not be permitted to enter campus housing until the accommodation fee is paid in full. Students may not receive an invoice for accommodations.

It is strongly recommended that students apply early and follow the steps at the following link:
On-Campus Housing. Applying early does not guarantee housing on campus. When filling out the on-line application form international students do not require a”UAC Number.” The 'Student Number' is the reference number on the Letter of Offer which students receive after the application is reviewed.

For further advice please contact:

Barahineban has 96 studio apartments which can be configured into single, double(for couples) or twin(for friends) occupancy. They are self contained incorting a private kithenette, ensuite and study area.
Edwards Hall can house a grand total of 383 residents. 298 of these are main hall rooms with catering and 85 are self-catered beds in unit style buildings. International House: unique in that it has a higher ratio of international to domestic students. 226 residents meet a wide range of people from from diverse nationalities.
Evatt House - living in one of the 211 rooms has many advantages, not least of which it has the shortest walk to lecture rooms. Rooms are configured in 5,6, or 10 bedroom units.

Off-Campus Accommodation: Click here for an interactive database of current accommodations that will help you find a house or unit, as well as provide you with other important information.

University of Newcastle and College of Staten Island do not bear any responsibility for students living off-campus and will not intervene in student-landlord arrangements. For further advice please contact:

Learn more about life in Newcastle through these videos about
Newcastle city, see Newcastle from the sky, and life in Newcastle!


Duration & Costs


Fall 2023

approx. July 10 – November 11, 2023

Spring 2023 
approx. February 13 - June 17, 2023

* dates above include one week on-site orientation through the end of final exams


Fall 2023  

$8,456 - new lower cost!

Spring 2023
$8,456 - new lower cost!

*A non-refundable deposit of $800 is due within two weeks of acceptance to the semester program. This deposit is applied towards the program cost and paid to the College of Staten Island. 

Costs included:  Overseas tuition for 12 credits (additional $665 for 16 credits), fees, orientation in the US and abroad, CISI sickness and accident insurance

Costs not included:  Estimated Airfare ($2,500), room and board ($4,500-7000), OSHC insurance ($210-250), books ($250), passport ($145), visa ($600), Personal Expenses ($2,500)

*Please note: Total program cost will vary depending on individual’s choice of housing, meal plan, and other choices that are personal preference.

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Contact the program sponsor to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program. 

Please refer to your acceptance materials for information on arrival, orientation, and academic calendar. The refund policy is program specific and non-transferable. Refer to your acceptance materials for the comprehensive refund policy or contact the program sponsor.

Please note that if you see dates or costs for a prior term above, that future terms will have similar dates and costs.  We will update info as soon as it becomes available.


Eligibility & Deadlines

Eligibility Requirements

- Minimum class standing - students must have completed at least one semester (minimum 12 semester credit hours) of college-level coursework at the time of application.
- 2.5 GPA or higher
- Students must be at least 18 years of age

Applications to Include

- Official transcripts
- One letter of recommendation from a teacher who knows the applicant from a classroom setting
- Statement of purpose

Application Deadlines

Spring:  October 15
Fall:  March 15

Application Deadlines may be extended.

Have you talked with your study abroad advisor about your home institution's application process? Your institution's deadline might be earlier than the CCIS program application deadline. Check now to make sure all of your material is submitted on time!


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Alumni experiences

Adventures abroad

Shanna Stosak

"Exploring new opportunities and facing and overcoming new challenges. Meeting many amazing people from all over the world."

Bethany Thibault

"Traveling around was amazing. Swimming on the Great Barrier Reef was the most rewarding experience."

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