Austria: Salzburg Summer

CCIS Study Abroad in Salzburg, Austria

Program Overview

Salzburg College is a small, private institution located in the heart of Salzburg's Old City.  Salzburg College was founded in 1970 and started out as a classical European Studies Program.  A major objective of the Salzburg College program is the integration of classroom study and on-site experience.  Small classes held in English and a dedicated faculty enhance the individual learning process.  Close to 8,000 students from over 400 American colleges and universities have attended the institution.

Salzburg is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  With a population of about 150,000, Salzburg is situated in the heart of Europe on the northern edge of the eastern Alps right at the Austrian-German border.  Surrounded by picturesque mountains, the city still mirrors in its historical center -- a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site - more than a thousand years of European history and culture.  Its rich and vibrant cultural heritage is reflected in concerts, festivals and a great variety of events throughout the year.

Ideally located for travel, Salzburg is less than four hours by train from Vienna, only two hours from Munich, and an overnight train ride from Paris or Venice. Several Eastern European countries are within easy reach.

Photo courtesy: Salzburg Tourism


Academic Profile

Salzburg College in Salzburg

The study center of Salzburg College is located in the heart of the Old City. It occupies a 16th century town house, situated on Ursulinenplatz, a small square, flanked by a historic city gate and one of Salzburg's famous baroque churches. From the top floor library, there is a spectacular view of the city. Across the street there are the pleasant embankments of the Salzach river. Students have classes, study, and take their lunches at Ursulinenplatz.


The close vicinity of public, educational and cultural institutions, allows for easy integration of classroom study and on-site experience which is a major objective of the Salzburg College program. The University Library and other research facilities (e.g. Mozart Archives) are all located in walking distance. Ursulinenplatz is also just down the street from the main intersecting point of the Salzburg public bus system which greatly facilitates the commuting to and from the Austrian host family homes and the dormitories.

Course Offerings

  • German Language Studies
  • Understanding Austria: History, Politics, and Culture
  • The European Union
  • Music History
  • The Mozart Project
  • Music Performance (additional fee required)

Academic Highlights

The classes are small and students receive individual attention. There is integrated learning inside and outside the classroom. 


Activities and Opportunities

Student Life

Photo courtesy: Salzburg Tourism

Actual immersion in the daily life of a foreign country is a unique opportunity for personal growth.  Salzburg College offers you this opportunity by integrating academic work with field study and travel and the chance to live in an Austrian home.

Excursions, guest lectures, and interaction with local professionals complement your academic course work.  There are many concerts, museum tours, and visits to historical sites for the student to experience, as well as personal independent travel.


Austrian homestay, breakfast and evening meal, lunches on campus.

Alumni Feedback

"My host family was really great and would always have fun stuff we could do whenever I wasn't busy.  My time here was great!" -- Kris Robertson

"It i s incredible how easy it is to travel from Austria, Europe is literally at your fingertips.  Salzburg itself is special in that it's a city with a lot to do, but also has so many homey touches that the result is a beautiful landscape filled with never-ending adventures!" -- T. Chris Webb

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Salzburg College.  The education I received here occurred both inside and outside of the school itself and I will carry it with me forever.  Salzburg is a wonderful town and it is perfectly located to facilitate travel to the rest of Europe." -- Ben Pickos


Salzburg, Austria Summer Program Details


Summer 1: May 16 - June 18, 2016
Summer 2: June 19 - July 9, 2016
Summer 3: July 11 - August 11, 2016 

Application Deadline(s)

March 1

Eligibility Requirements

Must be sophomore standing; the program is open to students with at least a 2.7 GPA.  No prior knowledge of German is required.


Courses are taught in English by European professors.  One German language course is required. 


$6,614 CCIS  European Studies Program  $6,898 Music Program // The full amount is due eight weeks before the start of the program.

$7,014 Non-CCIS and $8,048 for the Music Program

Truman requires a $350 deposit, deducted from total amount due, upon acceptance to the program, but does not have an application fee.

Costs Included

Instructional costs abroad, administrative fees, room and board, all excursions, 4 day Vienna field trip, local transportation (bus pass), orientation and insurance.

Costs Not Included

Airfare ($1,500), personal and miscellaneous costs ($1,500), books

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.

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Submit Application Materials To:

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Alci Arias, Assistant Director

Truman State University
Center for International Education Abroad 
Grim Hall 202
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(660) 785-4076
(660) 785-7473 (Fax)


How do I apply?


Please send the following materials to or the address listed above by the application deadline.

1. CCIS Online Application & Instructions

2. CCIS Online Student Recommendation (2)

3. Official copy of transcript

4. Color copy of passport

5. Salzburg Application 


To download the application and recommendation forms, click "save as" then save the form to your desktop or downloads. Once you have completed your form, you must SAVE IT FIRST. DO NOT CLICK "SUBMIT" until you have SAVED your form or the recipient will receive a BLANK form. Once you have saved it, click "submit" and THEN email your completed form as an attachment to  

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All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.