China: Shanghai Summer

CCIS Study Abroad in Shanghai, China

Program Overview

Students on this short term program study at Shanghai University (SHU) the largest municipal university in the city of Shanghai with more than 30,000 full-time students. SU is a comprehensive university with 58 colleges and schools that offers 58 undergraduate programs, 86 graduate programs, 20 Ph.D. programs, and 9 post-doctoral programs.  SHU has colleges in many disciplines including Liberal Arts, International Business, Fine Arts, Engineering, Computer Science, Law and many others.

Originally established in 1922, SHU was recently designated one of 100 key universities in China as part of the "211 Project" to receive special funding from the central government to develop the country's top institutions into world-class universities for the 21st century.  Shanghai , literally meaning “on the sea,” is one of the world’s largest seaports and a major industrial and commercial center in China .  Shanghai is China ’s largest city with a population of more than 17 million.

Both the institution and the program location in Shanghai provide students with an ideal site to study the current state of business in the rapidly changing Chinese economy, to learn and use the Chinese language, and to explore contemporary Chinese society.


Academic Profile

Shanghai University in Shanghai

Shanghai University (SHU) has three main campuses, the New Campus, the Yanchang Campus and the Jiading Campus. Students on this program study at either the Yanchang campus or the New Campus. The New Campus is located on Shangda Road , is SHU's newest and largest campus, and is on the outskirts of Shanghai to the northwest. The Yanchang Campus is on Yanchang Road , is an older campus with a large green lawn, and is the closest campus to the city center.

Faculty from the SHU College of International Business teaches the business course in this program. The College of International Exchange at SHU administers the program and its faculty teaches the Chinese courses and some cultural content. Since 1976, the College of International Exchange has enrolled more than 10,000 international students from over 76 countries.

Course Offerings

Summer students take one or two three-credit courses listed below:

Business in Contemporary China
Intensive Beginning Chinese
Intensive Intermediate Chinese

Academic Highlights

This four-week program provides non-specialists the chance to study in two courses:  business in China and Mandarin Chinese language.  Students may choose to take one course for 3 credits or two courses for 6 credits.  The business course, Business in Contemporary China, is taught in English.  The course is designed to provide an overview of business in the context of a dynamic transition from a socialist command-style economy to one that is more like consumer market economy.  The course addresses such topics as economic reform, China’s entry into the WTO, joint ventures and wholly owned foreign enterprises, and trade and investment.  The Chinese language classes are at an introductory level.  Students who have already begun to study Chinese, can place in a Mandarin class at a higher level to improve their Chinese, but the program is designed as an introductory one.  Even students who have not yet studied Chinese language can participate.

There is ample opportunity to learn a great deal both in and out of class.  Faculty and staff accompany students on an active out-of-class schedule of field trips.  Business-related field trips may include: a visit to a Chinese enterprise, a visit to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, or a trip to a local street market to practice bargaining.  Local cultural field trips may include: visits to the Jade Buddha Temple, Yu Yuan Garden, and Shanghai Museum, or attending special events such as a Chinese acrobatics show.  Also included are day or overnight field trips to nearby scenic cities such as Suzhou, Hangzhou, or Wuxi.


Activities and Opportunities

Student Life

As part of the Orientation, students are introduced to Shanghai University students who speak English and are eager to meet Americans.  They act as “cultural interpreters” to help American students learn about Chinese culture, university and student life in China, and to join students in activities if mutually desired.  A Weekend Homestay Option enables students to go home with a Shanghai family and spend one night during the weekend.  This is a great way to learn intimately more about Chinese culture and to make friends and acquaintances in China.

Housing is in foreign student dormitories on campus.  On the Yanchang Campus, students have private dorm rooms with private baths in a building adjoining the classroom building.  On the New Campus, students share a dorm suite, usually with three private dorm rooms and a shared bathroom and living area.  The dorm rooms on both campuses are each equipped with an air conditioner, heater, television, and desk and lamp for studying.  Students eat meals in on campus student cafeterias and off campus at nearby cafes.  SU clubs, activities, and sports are open to all students and they are encouraged to join.

Alumni Feedback

“I have benefited from this study abroad experience academically and personally.  I have improved my Mandarin language skills and have a better understanding of the business and new developments in contemporary China.  In terms of personal gain, since this is my first time studying abroad and living in a dormitory, I felt especially excited.  It was a good chance for me to expand my horizon and learned to get along with other people.”
- Betty Leung Ting Cheng, Baruch College/CUNY

“This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.  I learned a whole new culture first hand, which enabled me to see Chinese people in a different light.  Shanghai is a lovely city and one of the safest.  One just needs to be vigilant as always”
- Evancia Imbert, Medgar Evers College/CUNY

“I had an amazing time on this program and now see myself there again and perhaps long term.  The program overall was good.”
- Kira Sigal, Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY

“I learned that it is important to travel: only then will one get first hand knowledge of people and their culture.  It was very worthwhile.  I was studying, but I was also exploring.  I would definitely recommend the program to other students because it will broaden their horizons, but students must acquaint themselves with the language before travel.”
- Natlee Hall, Medgar Evers College/CUNY

"I had an amazing time on this program and know that it was definitely worthwhile.  Having a chance to explore a new and beautiful city, while learning about the nation, was a wonderful experience that I would recommend whole-heartedly to others who want to see new things and start with an open-mind.  I know that I gained more than I realize – I am more appreciative of Chinese culture and learned that there is much more than a one-sided American view of things.”
- Jeanne Hwang, Cornell University


Shanghai, China Summer Program Details


Summer: June 3 - July 4, 2014

Application Deadline(s)

March 15

Late applications accepted on a space available basis

Eligibility Requirements

  • 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Official transcripts
  • 1 academic reference for Summer
  • Statement of purpose
  • Students must be at least 18 years of age
  • Minimum class standing - students must have completed at least one semester (minimum 12 semester credit hours) of college-level coursework at the time of application.


Summer 2014 Costs:

$2,150 for three credits

$2,525 for six credits

 * Costs are for NY State Residents and students at CCIS institutions.  Students who are at Non-CCIS member institutions or who are Non-NY State Residents should contact the College of Staten Island.

Costs and dates are subject to change.

Costs Included

Tuition, Housing, pre-departure and on-site orientations, field trips, administrative fees, sickness & accident insurance, and airport ground transfer.

Costs Not Included

Airfare ($1,300), meals ($450), books ($35), personal costs ($450-$900), dorm security damage fee (100 Chinese Yuan, refundable), weekend homestay ($20, optional), visa if needed (U.S. citizens - $140), and school of record fee-Non CUNY/CCIS if applicable.

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.

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All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Please contact the appropriate individual to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program.