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Featuring CCIS Programs

Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador (Latin America)

Quick Facts

Fall 2023
Dates:  August 21  - December 20, 2023
Application Deadline:  March 15, 2023

Costs:  $14,400 CCIS Member | $16,550 Non-Member

Spring 2024
Dates:  January - May, 2024
Application Deadline:  October 15, 2023 
Costs:  $14,400 CCIS Member | $16,550 Non-Member

Apply Now

Please note that if you see dates or costs for a prior term above, future terms will have similar dates and costs.  We will update info as soon as it becomes available.

* Fall 2023 Universidad San Francisco de Quito Scholarship available. Apply Here!

*Please note $800 deposit due 2 weeks after acceptance. 

The Fall 2023 application cycle has opened in January 2023 – you can click Apply Now then to get started for those terms.

Click here for the Universidad San Francisco de Quito Summer Program


Program Overview

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Latin America. Located in the Andean mountains at the foot of Mount Pichincha 9200 feet above sea level. Quito has a spring-like climate all year.

Beautifully preserved colonial churches, convents, palaces, and other buildings of note contrast with the contemporary architecture of modern Quito, a cosmopolitan city of great cultural diversity. Quito has been designated the Heritage of Mankind by the United Nations. From Quito, you can travel by frequent buses to Andean Indian markets, remote jungle towns and warm Pacific beaches. In fact, starting from Quito, you can get to most points in this tropical country in less than a day.


Contact Program Sponsor and Advisor

College of Staten Island, CUNY
John Dunleavy
Study Abroad Advisor

Questions? Contact me
Tel:(718) 982-2100

This program is sponsored and administered by the College of Staten Island CUNY.

Academics & Program

Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Quito

Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) is a four-year liberal arts institution with approximately 7,000 students, ten percent of whom are international students. The Ecuadorian government recognizes USFQ as one of Ecuador's leading institutions of higher learning. USFQ opened in 1988 and is located in the beautiful suburb of Cumbayá, a short ride from the city's center. Students in the CCIS programs in Quito develop Spanish language skills through study and cultural immersion. Students also learn first-hand about contemporary issues and trends in Latin America.

Courses offered at universities in Ecuador often feature a teaching/learning arrangement that is different from that which is used at institutions of higher learning in the United States. However, doing things the "Ecuadorian way" is a valuable aspect of the cross-cultural learning objective of this program. Students can study at USFQ for two months during the summer, a semester, or academic year during the fall and/or spring. A variety of courses are offered at USFQ for students who have a solid background in Spanish. Students (who are not native speakers) are required to have completed at least two years of college-level Spanish prior to enrolling in the program. Students are tested and placed in language classes before arrival in Quito. Semester students enroll in four or five courses.

USFQ’s LOERI program allows students to conduct a research project in conjunction with a USFQ faculty member in various fields of study.  This is a semester-long 3-credit independent study course students participate in while taking other courses in various subject areas.  For more information, please visit USFQ’s L0ERI page.

Check with the program advisor at the College of Staten Island for the most recent information.

Course Offerings

The program is designed for students who wish to study Spanish in an intensive format and who wish to explore the world of the Andes. All courses are taught in Spanish; therefore, students should have advanced Spanish language proficiency before enrolling in semester programs. Course offerings vary each semester.

Recommended core courses include: Andean History, Art in Hispanic Quito, Latin American History, Spanish Composition, Spanish Conversation, Cultural Anthropology, Drama, History of Ecuador, Introduction to Latin American Issues, People of the Andes, Rural and Urban Sociology, and Tropical Ecology.

Contact us for more course offerings.

Student Life & Housing


All program participants live with Ecuadorian host families. This arrangement gives each participant the opportunity to learn about Ecuadorian culture first-hand. Students gain support in the new country from interaction with the family while following the host family's customs including: eating meals, respecting host norms, and being sensitive to Ecuadorian culture. Students will need to travel daily to the USFQ campus from their host family's home via public transportation.

Student Life

Student Services

Included in the program are talks, a day trip, and an ongoing orientation. A field trip to USFQ's Tiputini Biodiversity Station can be arranged at an extra cost.

The Global Dragons is a program founded by the Office of International Programs at USFQ. It is comprised of local students who identify as active global citizens working to create positive change starting with the community at USFQ. The Global Dragons program creates integration opportunities for international students and leadership opportunities for local students in order to enrich the community here as well as those of incoming international students through cultural exchange, understanding, and teamwork. Students involved in this program are interviewed and selected by the Office of International Programs for their academic excellence, cultural competence, responsibility and potential to be global leaders. The selection process takes place every Summer.


Duration & Costs

Fall 2023: August 21 - December 20, 2023
Spring 2024: January -  May, 2024

Fall 2023

$14,400 CCIS Member | $16,550 CCIS Non-Member

Spring 2024
$14,400 CCIS Member | $16,550 CCIS Non-Member

Please note that if you see dates or costs for a prior term above, that future terms will have similar dates and costs.  We will update info as soon as it becomes available.

Costs Included: Tuition, Room and Partial Board, Administrative Fees, International Medical and Travel Insurance, Orientation in U.S. & Ecuador, Field Trip, Airport Pick-up

Costs Not Included: Airfare $800- $1,000, Books $50-$100, personal expenses $1,500 ($300-$500 for short term), Lunches $200-$400

Please note $800 deposit due 2 weeks after acceptance. 

All costs, fees, and dates are subject to change without notification. Contact the program sponsor to verify all costs, fees, and dates for this program. 

Please refer to your acceptance materials for information on arrival, orientation, and academic calendar. The refund policy is program specific and non-transferable. Refer to your acceptance materials for the comprehensive refund policy or contact the program sponsor.


Eligibility & Deadlines

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum of 12 college credits at time of application
- 2.5 GPA or higher
- Official transcripts
- One letter of recommendation from a teacher who knows the applicant from a classroom setting
- Statement of purpose
- Students must be at least 18 years of age



Application Deadlines

Spring: October 15
Fall: March 15

Have you talked with your study abroad advisor about your home institution's application process? Your institution's deadline might be earlier than the CCIS program application deadline. Check now to make sure all of your material is submitted on time!


Request More Info

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Alumni experiences

Adventures abroad

Annmarie Pizutti

"The faculty at USFQ was interested in interacting with the students and the class trips were insightful into Ecuadorian culture as well as the biodiversity of the country itself."

Kristen Wilson

"The classes at USFQ were good. They weren't scaled down so that the international students had an easy time and the native students were bored, they were regular classes. However, at the same time, the teachers were sensitive to the fact that Spanish wasn't our first language. Students and teachers alike were helpful and interested in the international students' viewpoints, and were always willing to help. I learned a lot about the subjects I took."